EW Staff
October 10, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We rate Madonna in ”Body of Evidence”

MADONNA PLAYS Rebecca Carlson, a temptress accused of killing her aged, rich lover with vigorous and kinky sex

MEMORABLE MOMENT Madonna seduces her lawyer, Willem Dafoe (above left), by tying him up and dripping hot wax on his torso and genitals.

REDEEMING CAMP VALUE There are several love scenes like that one, lusty yet grim and wince-inducing, that make the movie a fitting companion piece to Madonna’s 1992 projects, the book ”Sex” and the album ”Erotica.”

WHAT WE SAID THEN ”A preposterous erotic thriller…’Body of Evidence’ is shamelessly — and, on occasion, amusingly — unadulterated trash.” (Read the full review)

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