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Wheels of Summer

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From Uncle Ben’s wheels in ”Spider-Man” (a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that Sam Raimi has used in many of his films) to the cute car of the moment, the Mini Cooper, it’s been a great summer for movie cars. Here’s a roundup of the best of the season’s rides — and whether you too can ride wit it.


MAKE/MODEL 2003 ”New Hotness” Mercedes-Benz E500

COOLEST TRICK An autopilot lives in the airbag.

NEATEST ACCESSORY Talking/singing/suit-wearing pug Frank

CINEMATIC COUSIN The remote-controlled BMW 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies

CAN WE BUY IT? Yes, available this month; $50,000 range

FUN FACT Five yards of leather were flown in from Sindelfingen, Germany, for Frank the pug’s booster seat.


[MAKE/MODEL] 2054 ”Lexus Off System Sports Car”

[COOLEST TRICK] Assembles itself around escaping hero

[NEATEST ACCESSORY] Cruise control and Cruise at the controls

[CINEMATIC COUSIN] The Tron lightcycle

[CAN WE BUY IT?] Maybe in 52 years. For now, sharperimage. com has a snazzy lil’ model ($24.95).

[FUN FACT] The film’s one roadworthy mock-up is electric, but it can still hit 90 mph.


[MAKE/MODEL] 2002 BMW Mini Cooper

[COOLEST TRICK] Turns into a groovy submarine, baby

[NEATEST ACCESSORY] Two-time Oscar winner (Michael Caine)

[CINEMATIC COUSIN] Bond’s submarine wheels in The Spy Who Loved Me

[CAN WE BUY IT?] Yes, in 10 colors; retails for $16,850- $28,000 (there’s a waiting list).

[FUN FACT] A roof design incorporating the Union Jack is available.


[MAKE/MODEL] 1970 BMW Mini Cooper

[COOLEST TRICK] Zips down an outdoor Parisian staircase

[NEATEST ACCESSORY] A Lola who isn’t running (Franka Potente)

[CINEMATIC COUSIN] Herbie the Love Bug

[CAN WE BUY IT?] Bourne producers paid $2,000-$4,000 each for the eight cars used in the film.

[FUN FACT] The Mini Cooper is to Britain what the Bug is to America.


[MAKE/MODEL] 1967 Pontiac GTO

[COOLEST TRICK] Exploding roof, through which Vin Diesel parachutes

[NEATEST ACCESSORY] Headlight missiles

[CINEMATIC COUSIN] The ejector-seat-equipped Aston Martin from Goldfinger

[CAN WE BUY IT?] A used ’67 can run up to $40,000.

[FUN FACT] The 2004 GTO (around $35,000) will be the first GTO since 1974.