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Mice Duds

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The star of Stuart Little 2 may be a rodent…but don’t call him mousy. ”Stuart’s very hip,” says the film’s costume designer Mona May (Clueless) of the CGI critter. Dressing a mouse did pose a unique challenge. ”He has strange proportions,” says May. ”Short legs, a big middle, no neck, and no shoulders.” But the affable Mr. Little made the painstaking computerized tailoring process as simple as possible. ”He sat still for the fittings and never complained,” says May, who adds that the laid-back star has no favorite designers and prefers ”off-the-rack stuff.”

(1) ”He loved the red hoodie,” says May. As for the Giants T-shirt, ”he likes the team, but he liked also that even though you’re small, you can still be big. So it worked on two levels.”

(2) Little’s one request? That his wardrobe be comfortable — baggy jeans and sweaters were his favorite pieces. But there was a practical reason as well: his tail. ”Like all kids do, he wanted to keep [unusual] things more inconspicuous,” says May.

(3) May says she gave Little a makeover for the sequel since he could be more kidlike in the second film. Case in point: The safety helmet was especially important because ”kids may want to emulate Stuart.” So did he get to keep his wardrobe? ”All of it,” says May. ”Just like Alicia Silverstone.”