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Emmys 2017
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The Guest List

Look Who’s on The Couch This Week (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

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DAVID LETTERMAN MONDAY Author Mike Daisey, Julia Stiles TUESDAY Joan Rivers, Zooey Deschanel WEDNESDAY Joaquin Phoenix, musical guest Little Richard THURSDAY Mike Myers, musical guest Bruce Springsteen FRIDAY Musical guest Bruce Springsteen

JAY LENO MONDAY Dennis Miller, Portia de Rossi, musical guest Lamya WEDNESDAY Mel Gibson THURSDAY Samuel L. Jackson, musical guests Emmylou Harris and Allison Krauss FRIDAY Musical guests Counting Crows

CONAN O’BRIEN MONDAY Martin Short, Rhys Ifans, musical guest Patty Griffin (R) TUESDAY The Rock, Stone Phillips, musical guests No Doubt (R) WEDNESDAY Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis (R) THURSDAY Charlie Sheen, Sarah Silverman (R) FRIDAY Alan Cumming, Kelly Hu, musical guests Belle and Sebastian (R)

CARSON DALY MONDAY Rich Eisen, Cracker (R) TUESDAY Marc Anthony (R) WEDNESDAY Janeane Garofalo, Fat Joe (R) THURSDAY Milla Jovovich, Mystikal (R)

ROSIE O’DONNELL MONDAY Merv Griffin, Alan Jackson (R) TUESDAY Kevin Bacon, Barry Manilow, Elmo (R) WEDNESDAY Kelsey Grammer, Jeff Probst, Alanis Morissette (R) THURSDAY Cher, Lauren Graham (R) FRIDAY John Stamos, Sheryl Crow, Kate Burton (R)