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We grade the new ''American Idol'' performances

We grade the new ”American Idol” performances. In one of the show’s strongest weeks, Tamyra, Kelly, and Christina shine the brightest yet again

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Ryan Starr, American Idol
Ryan Starr: Fox

Compared to some of the forgettable songs she’s been performing, the ”rebel”’s version of ”Heartbreaker” was at least strong enough to make her not the worst performer in the bunch. Faint praise, indeed. As Simon said, she did a ”copycat performance.” In other words, are her nine lives coming to an end?
Grade: B-

Uh, what did she sing again? Hard to notice Donna Summer’s ”Last Dance” coming out of her mouth when she was sauntering around in that miniest of peach-colored minis. Paula seemed to like it, but Simon barely complemented her by saying that she went from ”a train wreck” to ”good.” He seems to think her dances are numbered.
Grade: C+