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Our Man Flint; In Like Flint

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In Like Flint

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James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb
Gordon Douglas

We gave it a B


OUR MAN FLINT/IN LIKE FLINT James Coburn (1966/67, Fox, 108/114 mins., unrated, $14.98 each) Fox is flagrantly trying to cash in on the Austin Powers craze by releasing these two camp classics on DVD just as the International Man of Mystery’s third film, Goldmember, is about to arrive in theaters July 26 (“The ORIGINAL Man of Mystery!” their covers promise). A diabolically clever plan, to be sure, but still…one wishes the studio had taken Derek Flint, agent of Z.O.W.I.E. (Zonal Organization World Intelligence Espionage), just a little more seriously. Except for a few subtitles and some trailers for other espionage kitsch recently dug up from the Fox archives, neither of these DVDs offers a single extra. How hard would it have been to coax James Coburn into recording an audio commentary? Couldn’t they find just one deleted scene to add to the package?

The good news is that both of these time capsules from the mid-’60s manage to hold up pretty well, even without DVD bells and whistles. Indeed, their plots have fermented over the decades, appearing even more deliciously goofy (in one, women try to take over the world by using hair dryers as brainwashers). And with his blowtorch cigarette lighter and hypnotizing wristwatch, Coburn proves a playboy superspy doesn’t need a posh British accent (or even bad British teeth, baby) to save the day with style.