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You Won’t Have to Leave Your Couch to Enjoy the Digital Magazine ‘SubstanceTV’

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Here’s the ultimate magazine for those who hate to read: SubstanceTV, an interactive magazine on DVD. Available for a $29.95 subscription, each of the annual 10 ”issues” is a DVD anthology of short films, experimental music videos, and underground animation. ”There are all these digital video artists who never see the light of day,” says publisher Mike Wilson. ”We want to be a home for them.” Based in Austin, Substance (www.substancetv.com) favors the kind of slacker art that made the town famous, like a documentary about the city’s psycho-billy music club, the Black Cat, and a short film about Texas farmers who find an abandoned nuclear bomb. Unlike some of the doomed ”multimedia” magazines that hit shelves last decade (anyone remember the Blender CD-ROM?), SubstanceTV is all about entertaining viewers in the comfort of the living room. ”Even though PC can give you a richer experience,” Wilson says, ”most people would rather sit in front of the TV and hit Play.” Pass those chips.