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American Psycho 2

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American Psycho 2

Current Status:
In Season
Mila Kunis, William Shatner
Morgan J. Freeman

We gave it a D-

Novelist Bret Easton Ellis wasn’t involved. Nor was Mary Harron, director of the satanically elegant original. Nor was Ur-psycho Christian Bale (his character Patrick Bateman is lamely killed off in the opening sequence). So what’s left? Shatner as a lecherous ex-FBI profiler, that’s what. What, you want more? OK, how about the fembot-esque Kunis (That ’70s Show) droning dopey voice-overs about how she’s ”dressed to kill.” Unscary and unfunny, AP2 still manages to inspire homicidal fantasies — most involving the slow dismemberment of once-promising indie director Morgan J. Freeman.