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'Generation' Exit?

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The trailer for December’s Star Trek: Nemesis just hit theaters, with the ominous slogan ”A Generation’s Final Journey Begins.” Is Captain Picard signing off? Paramount reps and producer Rick Berman decline to comment. But it seems Berman hasn’t denied rumors that Patrick Stewart (above, left) and Co. will soon be beamed into a distant galaxy without sequels. In an interview appearing on the fansite TrekWeb.com, Berman says, ”There will be Star Trek movies for a long time — whether they are going to be Next Generation…I just don’t know.” Despite the mixed signals, Trekkers aren’t worried. ”As far as this being the last one, I’ve heard that so many times,” says John Harper, organizer of June’s Trek Expo in Tulsa. ”You never believe it, not in science fiction.”