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Did you spot the ''Minority Report'' cameos?

Can you spot the ”Minority Report” cameos? Camerons Crowe and Diaz make blink-and-you-miss-’em appearance in Spielberg’s future fable

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Tom Cruise, Minority Report
Minority Report: David James

”Vanilla Sky” director Cameron Crowe rides a train boarded by Tom Cruise in ”Minority Report.” Any other cameos?
It doesn’t take a precog to find ”Sky” guys — Cameron Diaz is also aboard — but another passenger, ”Magnolia” director Paul Thomas Anderson, gets off track: ”Even Paul can’t find himself,” says his rep. But ”Report” screenwriter Scott Frank is hard to’miss as a cyber-parlor patron repeatedly told ”You’re the man.”’ ”A perfect fantasy for a writer,” says Frank. Other shout-outs come via three subconscious sleuths — Arthur, Agatha, and Dashiell — named for mystery writers Conan Doyle, Christie, and Hammett, respectively, Frank deduces. Elementary, my dear Spielberg.

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