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Emmys 2017
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We count down the summer's hottest movie hunks

Forget Tom, Will, and Ben. EW.com counts down 10 other movie heartthrobs who are stepping out of the shadows this summer

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Christian Bale, Reign of Fire
Christian Bale: Jonathan Hession

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ROLE The two-headed alien Scard/Charlie

WHAT’S HOT He’s the funniest nondog aspect of the movie, and what’s hotter than some good comic relief? Meanwhile, on MTV’s ”Jackass,” it’s hard to take your eyes off this fearless freak as he engages in questionable activities like setting himself on fire.

WHAT’S NOT How many gross-out stunts can we watch before getting bored?

WHAT’S NEXT Taking his TV show to the big screen in ”Jackass” and developing a half-hour comedy show for Fox

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ROLE Rudy Grimes, a Michael Myers-obsessed teen

WHAT’S HOT His campus chef cooks up some scary moments that could make you jump out of your seat. Which shows some range, considering that his role as tough guy with a heart Derek in 2001’s ”Save the Last Dance” was more likely to make you swoon.

WHAT’S NOT It’s time to grow up and leave the whole teen flick world behind.

WHAT’S NEXT Starring opposite Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer in ”Barbershop,” a movie about a day in the life of Chicago haircutters

imageCredit = ‘Sean Patrick Thomas: Challenge Roddie/Corbis Outline’;

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ROLE Holden Worther, Jennifer Aniston’s whiny lover

WHAT’S HOT Those kissing scenes with Aniston could make Brad Pitt jealous. He also gets major indie cred for previous roles in ”Donnie Darko” and ”Lovely & Amazing.”

WHAT’S NOT He may never live down the fact that he starred in the universally reviled film ”Bubble Boy.”

WHAT’S NEXT Starring opposite those upstarts Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon as a guy mourning the death of his girlfriend in ”Moonlight Mile”

imageCredit = ‘Jake Gyllenhaal: Dale Robinette’;

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ROLE Merrill Hess, Mel Gibson’s kid brother

WHAT’S HOT He’s loyal and sensitive but definitely has a healthy dose of kick-ass power as a former minor league baseball player turned brother’s keeper. In fact, he’s made good use of his charisma in many roles, from a wimpy emperor in ”Gladiator” to a lovesick murderer in ”To Die For.”

WHAT’S NOT His movies tend to be on the serious downer side. How about a romantic comedy?

WHAT’S NEXT Starring as an engineer with quirky colleagues in Robert Altman’s ”Voltage”

imageCredit = ‘Joaquin Phoenix: Frank Masi’;

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ROLE Navajo coder Private Ben Yahzee

WHAT’S HOT More than a pretty face, Beach brings intensity and accuracy to his latest role; he spent six months studying Navajo before showing up on the set.

WHAT’S NOT We don’t get to see enough of him. Some commercial movies please!

WHAT’S NEXT ”Now and Forever,” a multi-culti love story with Mia Kirshner

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ROLE Fire chief Quinn Abercromby

WHAT’S HOT With a devilish smirk, perfectly chiseled jaw, and piercing eyes, he exudes charm as he tries to save the world from fire-spewing beasts.

WHAT’S NOT He used that same charm to completely creep us out in ”American Psycho.”

WHAT’S NEXT Starring as a Harvard Med graduate who returns home to his eccentric mom (Frances McDormand) in ”Laurel Canyon”

imageCredit = ‘Christian Bale: Jonathan Hession’;

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ROLE Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s best friend

WHAT’S HOT With those piercing eyes and full lips, he gives a smoldering, passionate performance as the conflicted Harry. And with his Golden Globe-winning 2001 title role in the telepic ”James Dean,” he proved that he has the talent and cheekbones to be a new-school heartthrob.

WHAT’S NOT No matter how big he gets on the big screen, he’ll never have a role better than angst-ridden hottie Daniel Desario on the canceled TV cult favorite ”Freaks and Geeks.”

WHAT’S NEXT A role in ”Die Another Day,” the next Bond installment. We would tell you who he plays, but then we’d have to kill you.

imageCredit = ‘James Franco: Zade Rosenthal’;

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ROLE Anakin Skywalker, future Darth Vader

WHAT’S HOT He’s got the angelic, boyish looks to play a superhero. But he’s got a complex, deeply flawed Darth Vader hiding inside him — which is sexy in a different way.

WHAT’S NOT Try as he might (”Life as a House”), Hayden may never be able to branch out beyond Anakin.

WHAT’S NEXT Playing a young Catholic guy fighting a Mob boss in Griffin Dunne’s comedy ”Nailed Right In”

imageCredit = ‘Hayden Christensen: Lisa Tomasetti, © 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved’;

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ROLE Xander Cage, a kick-ass hood recruited by the government

WHAT’S HOT His voice, his shaved head, and his biceps make him the best action hero we’ve seen since Ah-nuld.

WHAT’S NOT Not clear yet if he has any range.

WHAT’S NEXT ”Knockaround Guys,” an ensemble action flick about mobsters’ kids, with Seth Green and Barry Pepper

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ROLE Tom Cruise’s stuffy nemesis, Det. Ed Witwer

WHAT’S HOT He’s the only person with enough presence to successfully stare down Tom Cruise. Plus, he doesn’t have a superstar attitude — despite the fact that he’s the most promising thing out of Ireland since beer.

WHAT’S NOT Doesn’t always make the best career choices. ”Hart’s War”?

WHAT’S NEXT Hiding from a sniper in Joel Schumacher’s ”Phone Booth” and then tormenting Ben Affleck in ”Daredevil”

imageCredit = ‘Colin Farrell: Indira Cesarine/Corbis Outline; Minority Report (inset): David James’;