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Post your thoughts about ''The Sopranos''

Post your thoughts about the fourth season, past seasons, the plots, and the characters

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Steven Van Zandt, James Gandolfini, ...
The Sopranos: Craig Blakenhorn

Post your thoughts about ”The Sopranos”

With a number of his (made) men — and even his own daughter — chewing on long-marinating beefs against him at the end of last season, Tony Soprano has a lot to think about as chapter 4 in the Mob saga opens: Will the dissatisfied Paulie Walnuts or the always-on-edge Christopher start making moves against him? Can Carmela get over his infidelities by pursuing a real estate career? Will Meadow continue disrespecting him in the wake of Jackie Jr.’s demise? And just how long will he be able to give violent screw-up Ralphie a pass? Share your opinions about Tony and Co. — and what you think will happen to them this season.