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You Cannot Be Serious

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You Cannot Be Serious

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John McEnroe

We gave it a B+

”I worry,” confesses the 43-year-old tennis legend, ”when the best my own agent can seem to do for me is say, ‘Hey, are you interested in playing Anna Kournikova?”’ The man known as McBrat, who reached the Wimbledon semifinals at the age of 18 and would go on to win it three times, brings the same sense of shameless ferocity to these pages that he did to his matches. Everything’s here: the Jimmy Connors rivalry, the nights on the town with Bjorn Borg, the Tatum scoop, the locker-room dish. ”Bjorn motioned me to the net,” McEnroe writes of his 1979 5-all-in-the-third-set meltdown. ”I thought, ‘Oh, God…. Is he going to tell me I’m the biggest jerk of all time?’ And he just put his arm around my shoulder and said, ‘It’s okay. Just relax.”’ Racket fans, you’ll have a ball. B+