Karen Valby, Liane Bonin, and Matthew Flamm
June 21, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Mom-And-Pop Store The Osbourne-family backlash should be starting right about…now. With The Osbournes Unf***ingauthorized and Pocket Books’ official behind-the-scenes guide to the popular MTV reality show en route — not to mention the action figures, mugs, sleepwear, and voice-activated plush bears — now might not be the best time for Sharon Osbourne to shop another book idea. But at last week’s MTV Movie Awards, she told EW of her plans for an alternative-parenting manual. ”I haven’t done a deal for it, but I’m working on it right now,” she said. ”I just adore adolescents, I love them to death.”

”This seems about as unlikely an idea as Dean Martin writing a book on overcoming alcoholism,” says one underwhelmed top editor. ”Has this joke gone too far?” Of course it has, but stay tuned for the six-figure deal.

Golden Opportunity Arthur Golden, whose Memoirs of a Geisha sold a staggering estimated 4 million copies, just signed with Knopf to write another historical novel, this one about the making of an American tycoon. ”It’s a classic rags-to-riches story that goes from Holland to Chicago in the late 19th century,” says Golden’s longtime editor, Robin Desser. ”It has the verisimilitude that gave Geisha its texture, but it’s also really emotional; you get to see…what makes a tycoon tick.” Desser hopes to have the manuscript by next summer.

Moore’s The Better Filmmaker and author Michael Moore continues his journey through the New York publishing world, moving from ReganBooks to Warner: He’s just reached a two-book, $3 million deal. The first will be ”a call to arms, if you will, for the 2004 election,” says chairman and CEO of AOL Time Warner Book Group Laurence J. Kirshbaum. The second book will be a memoir, about Moore’s upbringing and his roller-coaster ride from Midwestern working stiff to celebrity pundit. — Karen Valby and Matthew Flamm, with reporting by Liane Bonin

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