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The hottest concerts of summer 2002

The hottest concerts of summer 2002. Haul out the chips and dip — here’s the skinny on the noise of the season

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The hottest concerts of summer 2002

Summertime and the livin’ is _______. Depending on your tastes, you can fill in the blank with one of the following: sleazy, if the notion of David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar donning gold lame for a joint road show brightens your day; wheezy, if the THC-filled fumes sure to engulf the Smokin’ Grooves tour light your fire; beastly, if the aggro hip-hop and metal at Ozzfest and the Anger Management tour get your motor runnin’; queasy, if you want to test your constitution at the VH1 Classics tour with Eddie Money and Loverboy; or measly, if none of these or the hundreds of other music shows this summer turn you on. But frankly, after collecting all the summer’s attractions for this preview, we doubt anyone will choose none of the above.

Vans Warped Tour

LINEUP Bad Religion, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Damned, and 65 other bands(!) THE SKINNY In eight years of punk rock and extreme sports, the tour finally has an event that melds both: extreme drumming (ferreal!) There’s also a day-care center where kids can drop off parents. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”Kids get to see a hundred bands for, like, $20!” says Bosstone Dicky Barrett (above). ”I’m also stoked to see the Casualties and old friends in Bad Religion and NOFX.” WHY WE’RE EXCITED You can’t beat the price, and nothing else offers the rite-of-passage vibe. WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING? ”Water, 30 or 40 of your closest friends, and enough money to get your favorite band’s T-shirt,” says Barrett. WHO SHOULDN’T COME? ”Neo-Nazis,” he suggests. ”Or dangerous people — unless it’s a positive kind of dangerous.” DATES Gears up June 21 in Nampa, Idaho, and winds down Aug. 18 in Detroit. MORE INFO warpedtour.com BOTTOM LINE $25 tix + 68 bands = 1 rockin’ good time.

Smokin’ Grooves Tour

LINEUP OutKast, the Roots, Lauryn Hill, Cee-Lo, Jurassic 5, and DJ Shadow THE SKINNY After three years, hip-hop’s tour du jour is back. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”Jurassic 5 has the coolest show,” reports the Roots’ Ahmir ”?uestlove” Thompson (above). ”They’re one of the last rap groups that can really display the art of harmonizing.” WHY WE’RE EXCITED OutKast should debut material from the Scooby-Doo soundtrack; also to hear cuts from the Roots’ upcoming Phrenology, Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged, and DJ Shadow’s The Private Press. WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING? ”An open mind, an umbrella, and homemade posters,” suggests Thompson. ”I want to see John 3:16 Roots posters.” WHO SHOULDN’T COME? ”Industry people,” says Thompson. ”Label execs who are too good to get up and dance. Stay home.” DATES Grooves fires up July 18 in Mountain View, Calif., and is extinguished Aug. 7 in Atlanta. MORE INFO No website. BOTTOM LINE Ticket prices TBA, but it’ll probably be worth the cash money, brutha.

Anger Management Tour

LINEUP Eminem, Papa Roach, Ludacris, Xzibit, Xecutioners THE SKINNY A rap-heavy bill with lots of anger and little management. Mr. Mathers headlines for the second year. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”We did it last year and the kids loved it,” says Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix (left). ”This year, we’re the only rock band. We’ll stick out like a sore thumb. That’s a good thing.” WHY WE’RE EXCITED To appeal to hip-hop headz, Papa Roach will cover classics like A Tribe Called Quest’s ”Scenario” and the Pharcyde’s ”Passing Me By.” WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING? ”An open mind,” says Shaddix. ”And I don’t wanna be a bad influence, but people gotta bring intoxicants. Pills, joints, ya know. Also, your girl. Motherf — -ers might get lucky.” WHO SHOULDN’T COME? ”People that don’t like our music,” says Shaddix. ”And Moby! Did you hear that Eminem track [dissing him]?” DATES The anger builds July 18 in Buffalo and subsides Sept. 13 in Auburn Hills, Mich. MORE INFO Eminem.com BOTTOM LINE There’s nothing to get angry about with $15-55.50 ticket prices.

Area 2

LINEUP Moby, David Bowie, Busta Rhymes (left), Carl Cox, John Digweed THE SKINNY In his second take on the multi-genre one-day fest, Moby enlists a legend, leaving less room for last year’s high-watt younger stars (Incubus, OutKast). But for kids, Busta brings the lusta. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”[I like] the idea of putting something together that sort of celebrates eclecticism and diversity,” says Moby, ”and also getting — if there is some objective criterion for it — musicians who are the best at what they do.” WHY WE’RE EXCITED Young Americans should see the space oddity before his golden years. And Rhymes and Moby are a high-energy 2-some. WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING? A glow stick, for Moby’s gig; a blunt for Busta’s; and a good memory to cherish what might be Bowie’s last large-scale road show. WHO SHOULDN’T COME? Those expecting a Busta-Bowie duet. DATES See page 34. MORE INFO http://www.areafestival.com BOTTOM LINE See Bowie for $80 versus the Who for a whopping $355.


LINEUP Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, P.O.D., Rob Zombie, Andrew W.K. (right), Drowning Pool, Adema, and many others THE SKINNY The ”f — -ing prince of darkness,” Ozzy, and his entrepreneurial manager wife, Sharon, once again drag a slew of hard-rock acts out into the harsh summer sunlight. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”We’re gonna just throw down and throw out and throw up,” says critically lauded headbanger Andrew W.K. ”We’re gonna cross up and lace it out and take a solid stance from which we can form the foundation of an iron cube with a platinum core and diamond edges that can cut anything in our way, yet maintain a certain amount of strength to hold us steady.” WHY WE’RE EXCITED Inasmuch as you can call a thrash-and-burn bill ”diverse,” this one is, between System’s politicized polemics, P.O.D.’s Christian mosh fodder, W.K.’s Slade-redolent party anthems, and, of course, more mock evil than you can shake a bat at. WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING? ”Water, water wrapped in towels, and then towels wrapped in water,” W.K. reiterates. ”Just a lot of water, because there’s never enough at these things.” WHO SHOULDN’T COME? ”Only those who don’t want to go — and you know what, I think they should even come,” W.K. charitably adds, ”because they’re gonna have a lot of fun once they get there.” Inclusion, bloody inclusion! DATES The festival is already under way overseas, but reaches these shores with a July 6 launch in Bristow, Va., wrapping up shortly after Labor Day in Dallas. MORE INFO http://www.ozzfest.com BOTTOM LINE For the top seats in different cities, Ozzfans have to shell out anywhere from $60 to $125 in Ozzdough — not too hellacious for such a cream-of-the-metallic-crop lineup.

VH1 Classics

LINEUP Loverboy, Survivor, and Eddie Money THE SKINNY The halcyon Reagan years are back. Everywhere you look this summer, there’s another ’80s-themed package tour — INXS/Simple Minds; Poison/Winger/Cinderella; the Fixx/the Outfield/Berlin/the Smithereens — and this rockin’ retrofest. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”There was a bit of a scare this year,” says Loverboy frontman Mike Reno (above, left). ”When the world’s in turmoil, people resort to positive good times, and Loverboy is all positive and all good times.” Let the healing begin! WHY WE’RE EXCITED A bill that puts the guilt back into guilty pleasure. WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING ”Your friends, your memories, and your rockin’ attitude.” WHO SHOULDN’T COME? ”Osama bin Laden,” decides Reno. ”We don’t want him!” DATES These acts first eye the tiger Aug. 22 in Cleveland before the ’80s again conclude Oct. 6 in Redmon, Ore. MORE INFO http://www.vh1.com BOTTOM LINE One front-row ticket to paradise will probably run you $40-60, leaving just enough cash to get a shag at Supercuts.

Jeep World Outside Festival

LINEUP Sheryl Crow (left), Train, Ziggy Marley, and O.A.R. THE SKINNY At last, one tour where the average fan won’t need a fake ID to buy beer. Not that they’re targeting the sedentary set: At the ”adventure” area, attendees can ski off a 30-foot jump, kayak in a massive tank, race bikes, and rock climb. WHY THEY’RE EXCITED ”It’s nice to be employed again,” Crow half-kids. ”Summer is my favorite time to tour and Train is a great band, so I’m elated.” WHY WE’RE EXCITED It makes us happy that Crow is the rare contemporary rocker with real transgenerational appeal. WHAT THREE THINGS SHOULD FANS BRING? Crow cites her own ”Soak up the Sun” lyrics: ”Sunblock. Tell ’em to get their (SPF) 45 on.” Three layers’ worth, in case the first two get washed off in that 30,000-gallon tank. WHO SHOULDN’T COME? ”Um, Megadeth fans?” DATES The trek starts rolling July 10 in Charlotte, N.C., and crashes against the shore Aug. 17 in Boston. MORE INFO http://www.jeepworldoutsidefestival.com BOTTOM LINE The top price of $50 is cheaper than you’d usually pay for a Sheryl ticket, or ski pass.