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Jason Alexander addresses the ''Seinfeld'' curse

Jason Alexander addresses the ”Seinfeld” curse. While ”Bob Patterson” didn’t fly, the man who was Costanza likes ”Watching Ellie”

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Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander: Henry McGee/Globe

His ABC sitcom ”Bob Patterson” may have gone the way of erstwhile Kramer Michael Richards’ eponymous flop, but Jason Alexander dismisses talk of ”Seinfeld” alums suffering from the dreaded C-word. ”The curse was such a media hype that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy,” says Alexander, noting that Richards took his brutal reviews hard. ”Had we not had the curse story, we might have had a little more equitable judgment.”

The actor says he hopes Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ”Watching Ellie” (which is now on the bubble for renewal) will be watched: ”Genuinely, I laughed my ass off. I called Julia and said, ‘Good for you.”’ But if all the players are free in the near future, what about a ”Seinfeld” reunion? ”I really doubt it,” says Alexander. ”Besides, we all know George is somebody’s bitch down in solitary confinement.”