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The Worst Song I Ever Wrote

Hey, even picasso passed off some stinkers

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THE PERPETRATOR Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx THE PROOF ”Monsterous” THE PLEA ”We have an album out called Supersonic and Demonic Relics [Beyond Records, 1999], and there’s an outtake song on there from the Dr. Feelgood demos called ‘Monsterous.’ If I remember correctly, I ripped off the ‘oh-wee-oh’ part from The Wizard of Oz — that was telling me my Prozac wasn’t working yet. The lyric was about a guy who was suing me because he said he was me and he wanted my royalties. Musically and lyrically [”People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks/People marked ‘stupid’ shouldn’t talk/People in a maze are always lost/I get sick at the state of rock”], the song is just a clusterf — -. It was a monstrous trick to play on the fans.”