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How ''Friends'' will deal with a baby in the cast

How ”Friends” will deal with a baby in the cast — They won’t ignore it, but it won’t take center stage either

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Friends, Jennifer Aniston
Friends: Warner Bros.

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) may have just given birth, but don’t go looking for ”Friends” to become a hipper version of ”Full House.” Much like Ross’ (David Schwimmer) son and Phoebe’s (Lisa Kudrow) triplets, the baby Geller won’t get much airtime when the cast returns for season 9. But this isn’t a case of a kid-hating Grinch running the writers’ room; says a network insider: ”We’re not going to pretend there’s no baby.” Rather, it’s about catering to the show’s young-adult fan base. Explains a ”Friends” source, ”The audience this show appeals to is more interested in learning about the lives of the six single people in New York City, not the lives of young kids.” Well, Marcel the monkey is probably available to babysit.