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May 10, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Fans were out in full Force to support our Star Wars cover (#648, April 12)—especially when it came to the genetically gifted Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen. ”He is a wonderful actor,” gushes Gwen LeChelle of Jackson, Miss. ”And he is so easy on the eyes!” Still, some deemed our Clones coverage a bit too prominent: ”I’m a big Star Wars fan, yet even I think TV pioneer Milton Berle deserved to be on the cover….Shame on you, EW,” chides Joe Zelinski of Florence, Ore. Fortunately, lots of people gave us props for our Mos Def profile, which inspired even a ”Southern WASP with no interest in rap” to sing his praises. Says New York City’s Randall David Cook, ”I was underwhelmed at the prospect of watching Mos Def in [Broadway’s] Topdog/Underdog. Man, oh man, was I in for a shock….Def is going to be making lots of unlikely fans.” Mos definitely.

Going to Wars

Wow—the dark side never looked so good! With that come-to-the-Dark Side stare, it’s no wonder the Jedi followed Hayden, um, Anakin/Darth to the darker sides of the Force! Mr. Lucas is a genius casting this young actor in the most pivotal role in film history.
Richard J. Finley

Seeing the lovely Natalie Portman and the gorgeous Hayden Christensen on your cover makes you believe they are the power couple of the galaxy! Although I found the first prequel somewhat emotionally detached, I will be looking forward to seeing the love story unfold in Episode II. Luke and Leia will be a twinkle in their father’s eyes indeed!
Di K. Le

C’mon, EW! I know there’s a certain demographic you need to hit with what is featured on your cover, but since we’ll be sledgehammered over the head for the next month with everything Star Wars, would it have killed you to give the full cover with pics to the loss of two legends and one beloved comic actor — Billy Wilder, Milton Berle, and Dudley Moore — and given Star Wars the banner?
Tom Larkin

I remember all the great coverage from three years ago on the new Star Wars movie. However, after reading two blurbs, I’m afraid to touch your magazine. I am trying to stay away from spoilers, as I like to have some surprises in any movie, especially in a franchise I enjoy so much. Do the fans a favor—show us great pictures, give us articles about the actors, but please, leave the plot revelations for us in the theater.

Sarah Creen
London, Ontario

Def Tones

All my love to you for your article on the mighty Mos Def (”Doin’ It to Def”). I was thrilled to see his beautiful face when I opened this week’s issue. He is one of the most talented MCs out there, and it’s about time he got some mainstream cred. Everyone hyping the bling-bling rappers seems to ignore the skilled, socially conscious MCs who are trying to uplift their communities. More features on these artists (Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Common, Blackalicious, etc.) would do everybody good.
Heather Lewenza
Windsor, Ontario

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