Evan Serpick
May 10, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Remember the lighter game—the dorm-room time waster in which a BIC is tossed from player to player using the back of the hand (think Hacky Sack for lazy people)? Well, a couple of postgrad entrepreneurs have taken the pastime to slacker perfection. By substituting a slender sandbag for the lighter, they’ve transformed the game into Myachi, and it’s becoming the thing to play at music festivals. ”I borrowed a buddy’s sewing machine and started making these little bags, and all my friends loved it,” says creator and Vanderbilt alum Steven Ochs, 30, whose invention debuted in stores in 2000. ”The lighter stinks. It’s a piece of hard plastic and it’s hard to catch, and you certainly can’t do any tricks.” The SoBe-sponsored Myachi booth at Miami’s Beyond 2002 Super Festival was a big hit, and exhibitions at Ozzfest, ESPN’s X Games, and New Orleans’ Jazzfest ensure the bag (also available at myachi.com, $5) a smoking future.

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