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Star Wars toys that are worth thousands

Don’t toss that Jawa! Find out which toys, posters, comic books, and other collectibles are worth $50 to $10,000

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Star Wars

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WHAT’S THAT? Early action figures had lightsabers that slid out from within the armpiece. But early versions of Vader, Luke, and Old Ben were different; they came with weapons that extended not once, but twice — with a little extra piece sliding out from the tip.

‘STAR’ POWER ”[They’re] really hard to find in great condition because you have to think that back then people didn’t have the mindset that people have now of ‘collectibles,”’ says TheForce.net’s Dustin Roberts. ”Finding that toy without the tip broken off or even finding it mint condition… it’s a gold mine. But they’re out there.”

VALUE Carded [with the original packaging] and in great condition, these can draw upwards of $10,000.


WHAT’S THAT? Action figures of Jawas (the faceless little rodents in ”Star Wars” and ”Return of the Jedi”) were initially released with plastic capes, later to be replaced with cloth hoodies.

‘STAR’ POWER The original packaging is what makes them so valuable. Why’s it so important? Well, how many kids in your neighborhood brought home their ”Star Wars” toys in a youthful fury and frantically… put them on a shelf, unopened?

VALUE In perfect condition and still packaged, the plastic cape variation goes for somewhere around $3,500. Loose, it still might fetch several hundred dollars.


WHAT’S THAT? These two goofy-looking characters provide a glint of hope to kids who ALWAYS open their toys. Even without the packaging, these two are still relatively valuable. Snaggletooth (in blue clothes) was initially part of a Sears exclusive collection of action figures, but he wasn’t packaged individually. Later, he was repackaged (shorter and in a maroon jumpsuit) on a card.

‘STAR’ POWER ”Yak Face… was only available in the Power of the Force international line, and Trilogo packaging, which is from England. So it would not be as likely for a kid to have one in the U.S.,” says James Boryla of swseller.com. ”There were plenty of each made, so the Blue Snags aren’t very rare, but they’re rare compared to the other figures.”

VALUE On eBay, Yak Face (listed at $2,000) has sold for as low as $800 on the card, and around $200 loose. A blue Snaggletooth can go for around $200 — always loose.

$ = less rare and valuable       $$$ = most rare and valuable