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Jennifer Garner will reprise her ''Felicity'' role

Jennifer Garner will reprise her ”Felicity” role. Series creator J.J. Abrams doesn’t rule out a Keri Russell guest spot on ”Alias” either

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Alias, Jennifer Garner
Alias: Craig Sjodin

Jennifer Garner may be the master of superspy disguise, but you should have no problem ID’ing her in the May 8 episode of ”Felicity”: She’ll revive her 1998-99 role as Hanna — the nerdy ex-girlfriend of Noel (played by husband Scott Foley). ”Felicity” cocreator J.J. Abrams, who cast Garner as the lead in his other series, ”Alias,” thought a brief return would be a fun wrinkle in the show’s final arc — a quirky ”Sliding Doors”-esque plot in which viewers see Felicity (Keri Russell) during her senior year as if she’d chosen Noel instead of Ben (Scott Speedman).

So has Hanna picked up any of those deadly double-agent moves that Garner executes on her current show? ”There will probably be fewer fights in this episode than in a typical episode of ‘Alias,”’ says Abrams, who’d also like Russell to appear on ”Alias” in the future, possibly as a nemesis for Garner’s character. ”But hopefully it’ll have all the emotional punch you could ever want.”