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What's up with all the severed limbs on TV?

What’s up with all the severed limbs on TV? ”Smallville,” ”Six Feet Under,” and ”Buffy” have all lent a hand — or foot — to this trend

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

On March 12’s ”Smallville,” Lex Luthor got a hand — in a box. Also this season: ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” severed a finger and a foot; ”Alias,” ”24,” and ”CSI” featured digital amputations; ”Oz” and ”Boston Public” lopped off limbs. Why all the cutting drama?
”We weren’t going for gruesome,” insists ”Smallville” cocreator Al Gough, who originally planned to send Luthor a head. (Network censors nixed the idea.) ”We were going for shock. And nothing says badass like a body part.” ”Buffy” exec producer Marti Noxon blames the era. ”It’s obviously been a macabre time,” she says. ”Dealing with death in a lighthearted way… makes it less horrifying.”

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