Brian M. Raftery
March 15, 2002 AT 05:00 AM EST

Q Are we cat-atonic, or is ’80s sitcom star ALF trying to mount a comeback?

A Fur sure. In addition to those 10-10-220 ads, a Feb. 25 call to TRL, and a slew of new merchandise, the feline-fancying Melmac expat is being pitched for a talk show. (The Hallmark Channel now airs reruns of NBC’s original series.) ”ALF still has a lot to say,” insists cocreator Paul Fusco, who says the still-in-the-works show would find ALF interacting with ”wacky people looking for 15 minutes of fame.” One guest suggestion: ex-ALF writer Jerry Stahl, whose 1995 book Permanent Midnight chronicled his on-set drug use. ”ALF is more than an obnoxious and weirdly adorable mutant puppet,” says Stahl. ”He’s a metaphor for the wisecracking id.” (Send queries to BurningQuestions

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