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Emmys 2017
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Let’s hear it for the girls! Our cover won over readers (#638, Feb. 8). ”It’s so refreshing to see these women who tell it like it is praised for their talent,” writes Jonathan R. Malone of Chicago. ”The interview was insightful and intelligent. Thank you!” Our choice for No. 1 modern romantic movie also warmed hearts. Says Paul S. Fish of Stow, Mass.: ”Say Anything…is one of the funniest romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. Every time I hear ‘In Your Eyes,’ I think of John Cusack holding that boom box over his head.” Many of the other selections, though, left readers like Lew Graff of Coral Springs, Fla., broken-hearted: ”Who comes up with these lists? How does Meg Ryan, the queen of modern romance, get only one spot?”

Triple Treat

De-lish issue, EW! Furtado, Keys, and Arie are indeed cover-worthy. But until I read Chris Willman’s interview, I had no clue how much their talent and intellect surpassed their looks. Come Grammy night, I expect these queens of ”millennium soul” will reign supreme. STEVE RAGLIN Omaha raglin@glx.net

Labors for Love

It was great to have Say Anything…listed as the No. 1 modern romantic movie (”Love Notes”). The interviews were fun and informative. Once again EW says everything…! DAVID DOYLE Rapid City, S.D. DavidDyl@aol.com

I couldn’t believe some of your picks. If a husband brings home The Terminator when his wife’s expecting a romance, somebody is going to be sleeping on the couch. SUNAM ELLIS Appleton, Wis. sunam@apostate.com

How could you possibly forget Chasing Amy? MELINDA GREEN Boston GDaleyMel@aol.com

…Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, Ever After? MISSIE EDICK York, Pa. Missieann27@aol.com

…The Remains Of The Day? JASON BELL Winnipeg, Canada

…Somewhere In Time, The Sound of Music, Ladyhawke? NIKKI J. VOYLES Evansville, Ind. wmlopez@megsinet.net

U2 Missive

Have you taken leave of your senses? I was shocked to see U2 on your hypothetical buyout graph (News & Notes). If U2 are an ”overexposed” band, it’s only because their millions of fans around the world can’t get enough of them. Those of us who’ve been listening to U2 since the ’80s know that they have survived because they rock with soul and passion. HEIDI HAND Ashford, Conn.

Sweet ‘Walk’

How can it be said that A Walk to Remember is purely ”spiritual junk food…being fed” to teen moviegoers (Movies)? In a film where the virtues of a young girl change the people around her for the better, you dare ask why girls settle for this? It’s to prove that sex, drugs, and violence aren’t needed for teens to sit through a movie. MEGAN HURTAIN Brooklyn innocentslayer@hotmail.com

‘Factor’ or Fiction

You guys have to cut it out. Every time I see my name in EW, it is surrounded by words that are pejorative and gratuitous. Lynette Rice’s piece on Connie Chung’s new job was really over-the-top (Television). I am a ”conservative curmudgeon,” and Factor is ”partisan shtick.”