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Inside the Playboy Mansion

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Inside the Playboy Mansion

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Hugh Hefner

We gave it a B

It sits buried in the Los Angeles hills, a palace of pulchritude, or as interviewee Bill Maher puts it, ”the Vatican of women.” Long has the legend of Hugh Hefner’s private playground inspired boys to men everywhere, and finally, those of us who aren’t James Caan can get a peek behind the sugar walls thanks to Inside the Playboy Mansion. Yes, it seems that nude women do a lot of cavorting. Yes, the infamous grotto would be humanity’s last best hope for genetic material in the aftermath of a nuclear war. And yes, Hef does share his Viagra-infused time with a half-dozen blondes (a freaky relationship halfheartedly documented herein). But he’s also a compulsive archivist, a film buff, and well loved by people from Thora Birch to Bill Cosby — as well as the lucky few hundreds who get invited to his bunny-filled parties. It’s an interesting watch, but nothing is as frightening as seeing a septuagenarian trying to boogie.