EW Staff
February 08, 2002 AT 05:00 AM EST

Crowe-Magnon (adj.) Bearing a striking resemblance to a hairy caveman, especially while accepting awards (see Russell at the Golden Globes and last year’s Oscars).

Ethan Alley (n.) Hot zone surrounding Survivor heartthrob and newly minted millionaire Zohn, often mobbed by fawning females.

Diva Dump (n.) A ritual clearing out of overpriced deadweight from a music label’s roster (see Mariah Carey’s exit from EMI).

Sam Glam (n.) The irresistible but deadly Hollywood allure of playing a mentally challenged character on screen.

Cuba Miscast Crisis (n.) An incident confirming that Oscar winner Gooding’s career has gone to the dogs (or Snow Dogs).

Ant Farm (n.) A rest facility for unstable, washed-up ’80s pop stars (see Adam Ant’s forced hospitalization).

Six-Foot Wonder (n.) The fact that reruns of a cable show about death are more interesting than any new living-person network drama.

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”Every other minute.” — Harrison Ford, overheard talking to Eric McCormack, after the Will & Grace star asked Ford if he hated ”every minute” in the spotlight as he accepted his Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes

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