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The Bureau And The Mole

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The Bureau and the Mole

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David A. Vise

We gave it an A-

What does it take to be a double agent? In the case of Robert Hanssen, an FBI vet arrested in 2001 after more than two decades of betraying massive quantities of U.S. intelligence secrets, it takes brains, guts, and one strange personality. (Outwardly pious, he apparently frequented strip clubs and showed video of him and his wife having sex to a high school buddy.) Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Vise spins a first-rate spy thriller (though one that occasionally stumbles into psychobabble), alternating chapters on Hanssen with ones on Louis Freeh, the bureau chief who brought him to justice. Both men were driven fathers of six who even attended the same conservative Catholic church in suburban Washington, D.C. But while Hanssen’s personality remains a cipher, his talent as a spy is clear: He even hid his identity from his Soviet handlers (a rarity in espionage). No wonder Pearl Harbor producer Jerry Bruckheimer has secreted away the film rights. A-