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Shirt So Good

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Even designers know that history tends to repeat itself. Perhaps that’s why houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs are reviving the classic henley shirt. Cameos in recent period flicks have only helped the retro trend along: Ewan McGregor sports a henley in Moulin Rouge’s belle epoque, while Benjamin Bratt wears one in the ’70s-era biopic Pinero. ”It’s a staple of fashion, and designers are now reinterpreting it,” says John Birmingham, editor in chief of the fashion trade DNR. The not-so-distant cousin to the T-shirt cropped up at several men’s fashion shows last year, from Jil Sander to Kenneth Cole to Prada, which offers a luxurious cashmere version for $930. ”Men are looking for ways to dress up their wardrobe; henleys are form-fitting, body-conscious, even sexy,” says Birmingham. Now that’s a history lesson worth learning.




JUMP THE SHARK The moment a TV show, movie franchise, or music group loses its cultural relevance. (Example: ”Boy, Survivor really jumped the shark when they drank that cow blood.”) Derived from a Happy Days episode in which greaser Fonzie literally jumped over a shark while waterskiing. See also: over and so last season.