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Who organized the ''Survivor'' finale switcheroo?

Are they in Africa? Are they in L.A.? Who can tell?

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Ethan Zohn, Kim Johnson, ...
Survivor: Monty Brinton/CBS

When soccer pro Ethan Zohn (left, with runner-up Kim Johnson) was declared ”Survivor: Africa” champ, it seemed he and the others were in Kenya — not on a soundstage in L.A. How’d they do that?
When the show wrapped last August, creator Mark Burnett decided on a live vote count that mimicked the Africa set-up. He called Zohn, Johnson, and the jury 39 days before the finale. As Zohn recalls: ”He said, ‘Ethan, start growing your beard,’ and I so didn’t want to.” CBS took other precautions, too. ”When we finished the Tribal Council, we gave them all of our clothes — down to jewelry and shoes,” says Teresa Cooper. So they wore their smelly old duds? ”They washed them,” says Johnson. Hopefully not in that dung-filled African water hole.

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