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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a hunky 21st-century Superboy! Reactions to our hot new TV shows cover featuring Smallville’s Tom Welling (#627, Nov. 23) were nothing short of supercharged. ”Thank you for choosing Smallville as a top five show to watch,” writes Stacy Davidson of Phoenix. ”It’s definitely the best new show this season!” Our other picks received near-unanimous Uber-kudos as well. Says C.J. Arellano of Tinley Park, Ill.: ”Your staff must be clairvoyant. It’s the only way I can explain how your list of five must-see new shows matches [mine]exactly!” Of course, there were some complaints. ”With four out of five of the shows — plus Buffy — all on Tuesday nights, I [need] TiVo,” declares Becky Levy of Brighton, Mass. ”What else is a girl to do?”

No ‘Small’ Affair

Thank you for the cover featuring the smooth-faced boy who would be Superman. Tom Welling certainly deserves the attention. So does Smallville for that matter. I have yet to miss an episode. AMBER LAHNERS Hammond, Ind.

I am hooked on the new WB series Smallville. Finally, a TV show that is actually fun to watch. Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk have the best chemistry on the small screen since, well, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. TIM GRANT thumbsup@rcn.com Bernardston, Mass.

I have subscribed to EW for five years, and have always enjoyed the articles that are published, but imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox and saw my five favorite television shows on the cover! It was as though you guys had read my mind! ROBERT SEPEDA Tulare, Calif.

Your review of the best new TV shows was great, but I hope you sent a copy to network executives to ask them what the deal is with airing too many quality shows on Tuesday night. In addition to Undeclared, UPN airs Buffy and The WB shows Gilmore Girls — two of the best dramas on TV. Smallville, 24, and Scrubs all air at the same time as well. Even with two TiVos and a VCR, it’s enough to drive a fan crazy. BIZA REPKO erepko@umch.edu Minneapolis

Did it occur to you that three of the five shows we ”need to be watching” are on at the same time (Smallville, 24, Scrubs)? Who do you think we are, Superman? MICHAEL COLTON Brooklyn

Thank you for including Scrubs in ”5 New TV Shows You Need to Be Watching.” Unlike the comedies that are using comedians to hawk a new show, it’s good to see a fresh new comedy with virtual unknowns in the cast. I myself like to see an underdog show triumph. Keep picking the winners! JOE CIVITELLA mcjc99@aol.com Lodi, N.J.

Thank you for recognizing Undeclared as one of the five best new TV shows. What sets this show apart from the rest is that it shows us average kids with average problems. The writing, producing, and acting all come together to make a smart comedy that’s more realistic than all the reality TV shows combined. Hopefully, this will help boost its ratings and ensure it a long run. KELLY MANGAN GucciBlue29@aol.com Linden, N.J.