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EW.com's suggestions to improve the WWF

In this season of giving, Mike Flaherty presents his Christmas list to the WWF’s big kahuna

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EW.com’s suggestions to improve the WWF

Dear Mr. McMahon:

I’ve been a good boy all year, sitting through innumerable stinkfaces, ill-considered swerves, and that crazy mixed-up ”Invasion” period. What? As a nation of marks awaits the holiday season and the WWF prepares for a brave new world with its imminent split, all I want for Christmas is…

An extended vacation for the Hardys and the Dudley Boyz If ever there were two tag teams in need of a new gimmick, new wardrobe, and a new dramatic purpose, it’s these two. (Sorry, the Matt-Jeff-Lita triangle just ain’t cutting it.) Give them — and their fans — a break and reintroduce these supertalented workers in time for the upcoming ”draft” that will shape the two warring WWF factions next year.

Give Lance Storm the push he deserves. Why, I wonder, have you been edging the proud Canadian back into the mix only to give the job to everybody and their mother. Yeah, I know he beat the Rock this week on ”RAW” (Mondays, TNN, 9 p.m.), but it was by countout, and only after Test’s run-in. This guy deserves better.

Keep the Austin-Booker T action coming. This feud is, quite simply, gold, as anyone who saw last week’s supermarket beatdown can attest. Having upped the ante this week with a hilarous pursuit that proceeded from a bingo hall to a confessional to a church altar, you demonstrated that this rivalry is not only portable but potent enough to last for months.

A Flair-McMahon showdown at the Royal Rumble Forget Jericho; these two are wrestling’s true living legends, and as the WWF co-owners edge closer and closer to actual fisticuffs (how cool was last night’s image of Flair entangling Vince in a figure-four leglock while Van Dam did the same to Y2J?), be careful not to squander their inevitable battle on ”RAW” or ”Smackdown.” Instead, let them have at each other in a brutal, 20-minute PPV battle.

A mercifully short push for Test, Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Billy Gunn Despite numerous attempts to make these guys fan favorites, it just ain’t gonna happen. Yeah, I know that the tag teams ranks have thinned of late, but the Albert-Hotty and Gunn-Palumbo matchups are good for nothing but a bathroom break. And PLEASE, can we finally put ”the worm” to rest?

Seasons beatings to one and all…

P.S.: A couple of programming notes. ”RAW” will, in fact, air on Christmas Eve, though it will be taped. Same goes for the Dec. 27 ”Smackdown!” A special ”Best of 2001 RAW” will air on New Year’s Eve, followed by a live ”Smackdown!” on Jan. 3.