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Brian Lynch Defends "Angry Naked Pat"

The Kevin Smith protegé discusses his web cartoon

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Screenwriter (and Kevin Smith protege) Brian Lynch delivers a well-reasoned and eloquent defense of his irreverent Web cartoon Angry Naked Pat (angrynakedpat.com):

Fox may be turning one of your scripts into a pilot, and Warner Bros. is developing your screenplay about kids who do battle with the bogeyman. So why are you doing a celebrity-bashing online cartoon starring a naked guy?

I am under the assumption that the Internet is a relatively new medium and only about 200 or so people have it. Should this ”Internet” ever take off, and there’s a real risk of people going to AngryNakedPat.com and seeing my friends and I happily mock celebrities, then I will promptly and sincerely apologize to the very talented Freddie Prinze Jr. and the even more talented Rosie O’Donnell and tell them I was just joshing. And then I will distract them by asking about their character motivations in Scooby-Doo and Another Stakeout, respectively, and run like a scared monkey back to New Jersey.