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'In the Bedroom' Gets Slaphappy

Marisa Tomei vs. Sissy Spacek in the new Todd Field film

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Hand it to Marisa Tomei. In Todd Field‘s In the Bedroom, she got smacked around by her idol, fellow Oscar winner Sissy Spacek. ”She really hit me,” says Tomei. ”Todd told me there were 12 takes, but I don’t remember. Naturally, we used the first take. They tell me there was an ice pack on my face, but I only remember being in the zone with Sissy.” But slugger Spacek has better recall. ”It was terrible,” she says. ”It was a backhanded slap, which is worse because it’s not the soft part of your hand. It’s the bony part.” Spacek, generating Oscar buzz for her performance, praises Tomei: ”She was so dear about it…never flinched. That’s a really hard thing to do when you know it’s coming.”