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Does 'Shallow Hal' Hypnosis Hold Up?

A burning question about Tony Robbins’ voodoo in the new Farrelly Bros. flick

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<pIn Shallow Hal, self-help guru Tony Robbins hypnotizes Jack Black to see the cute little Gwyneth Paltrow in a 300-pound woman. Possible?

Sorta. ”What I did in that elevator is what I do in real life,” explains the famous unlocker of potential, who claims to ”condition” people to fall for folks who aren’t their visual ideal. Robbins adds that a sustained state of hypnosis isn’t possible and Black’s jolting experience is a fanciful interpretation of his method—which is more about counseling than hypnosis. But don’t ask trained hypnotherapists for your own Gwynnie goggles; they might think you, well, shallow. Says Dr. Richard Harte: ”I would certainly not work with someone like that.”