September 03, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

Because I Got High

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Afroman rates his hirsute brethren

With Afroman’s hilariously moronic ”Because I Got High” all over the radio and his CD ”The Good Times” just out, big hair is big bucks. We sat down with the hirsute hitmaker for his take on tunes by other (unidentified) ‘fro’d notables.

MC5, ”Kick Out the Jams” ”It’s like, ‘Take it, baby. I’m gonna throw this ball hard and I hope you can catch it. Don’t act like a punk, because it ain’t the time.’ Kind of like that.”

Jimi Hendrix, ”One Rainy Wish” ”Hendrix, right? I’d hook up a choo-choo train with this and — remember the Stones’ ‘Beast of Burden’? — I’d have that after it, and then the Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge.’ It’d be like this perfect pizza.”

The Dictators, ”Cars and Girls” ”If the Beach Boys and Offspring f—ed each other and had a baby, there it is. I like it, man. It’s got the energy from a punk show and the melody from the Beach Boys. It’s a good music punch, homie. I’ll take a sip.”

Al Green, ”Belle” ”Yeah, man. Al, I love you. I play this all the time. This is breathin’ music. Like, ‘Hey, how ya doing?”’

Funkadelic, ”Super Stupid” ”This is experimental. Musicians should experiment. Ford experiments with new cars. You got a Taurus right now, but what are you gonna see them do later?”

At the Drive-In, ”Arcarsenal” ”[Making a face] I respect his art form, I just wouldn’t play it myself. It’s like a unicycle. It’s nice, you can ride it, homie, but it’s just not for me.”

Shuggie Otis, ”Sparkle City” ”Yeah! Who is this? Shuggie Otis? This is your personal collection? We gotta kick it, man. What are you doing tonight? Where do you live?”

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