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Has the Survivor backlash begun? A few vocal readers of our Forecast issue (#579/80, Jan. 26/Feb.2) seem ready to vote the show off our pages. Like Keri Scaggs of Pacific Palisades, Calif., who wonders, ”Is there anyone besides me who has never watched Survivor, yet feels they have a full life?” A few of you also called for a Battlefield Earth cease-fire. ”I don’t understand why you have it in for the movie,” writes Mike Zarnek of Mount Prospect, Ill. ”I don’t think it deserves the trashing that you have planned for it.” Sorry, Mike, but that’s what happens when movies are voted off the planet.


I absolutely loved your 2001 preview. It was fun and informative, but it leaves me with one question: Why didn’t you have a book preview? There was a section devoted to the stage, even though that is not a regular item in EW. I’m not complaining about the theater preview, but it would have been nice to have a book preview as well. Other than that it was a great issue. Keep up the good work! GREG BAIRD jedi359@hotmail.com Mountain Lakes, N.J.

That you had Rufus Wainwright and Janet Jackson, my two favorite musicians of all time, together on facing pages was almost too much for me to handle — it almost bordered on the psychic. Dionne Warwick, look out! ADAM B. VARY AdamBVary@hotmail.com Oxford, Ohio

Thanks for the info on Bridget Jones’s Diary. I can’t wait for it to open in April, but how about also featuring Colin Firth, the handsome British actor who plays Bridget’s love interest, Mark Darcy? EVELYN BOAKE Anadarko, Okla.


Ken Tucker thought it was odd that The WB picked up Static Shock, a cartoon based on a poor-selling Milestone/DC comic (TV). From its debut, Static Shock has soundly defeated its broadcast time-slot competitors in the ratings. Static Shock is a sleeper hit because its unique qualities attract adults and kids who hate superhero comics. These merits include a positive black family; a unique hip-hop score; flattering portrayals of comic fans, and thoughtful commentary on social issues (e.g., racism, gang violence, rap music, public schools). Static Shock deserves an A for exploring new creative ground and creating new superhero fans in the process. FREDERICK D. WEAVER Duane106@olg.com Washington, D.C.

CORRECTION: Shaggy was born in Jamaica, not Brooklyn (Music).



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