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3 Doors Down with Bush

The Record that Changed My Life

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Mississippi rocks! Witness: 3 Doors Down. Their debut, The Better Life, spent the better part of last year among the country’s top-selling albums, while their singles ”Kryptonite” and ”Loser” stormed both MTV and the Top 40. In January, the little band from the backwoods capped its improbable run to the top with a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song (for ”Kryptonite”).

Lead singer Brad Arnold, 22, didn’t have to reach deep into rock’s recesses to find an album that inspired him. But he did have to reach across the Atlantic, even though he’s from a state where ”they throw you in jail for not listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.” — Evan Serpick

We used to play a lot of covers when we were a local band because the clubs around here make you play for four hours; we didn’t have four hours worth of our songs, so we used to play about half of Bush’s Sixteen Stone at our shows. It sounds a little funny, I know, because a lot of people would say Rush or Led Zeppelin or something like that, but they were a little before my time.

I was about 16 or 17 when I heard their single ”Little Things,” and I went and bought the album and put it in my CD player and it did not come out. I can still tell you every word on that record. It was something I immediately identified with. The way [Gavin Rossdale] phrased things, the way that he wrote, but kinda left some holes in places, it made me think. A good song, everybody can relate to; a great song, everybody can relate to in their own way. It made me want to write songs, so I did.