EW Staff
February 16, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

The wonks who insisted the new millennium didn’t begin until 2001 were right. Judging by the movies, anyway: Sure, you’ve got your Julia Roberts-Brad Pitt romantic comedy, your Nic Cage literary adaptation. But, for the most part, spring looks like the opening shot in an age of Weird Cinema. A rollicking comedy about incest? Check. A thriller with a pianist living in a cave? Here. Tom Green in a movie with a plot? Yup. As our preview attests, Hollywood is going for baroque, and some of the high-wire acts are carrying extra risk. Maybe Renée Zellweger can make us think she’s London lass Bridget Jones. Perhaps Town & Country actually will come out April 20. Or are some things too weird to believe?

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