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Special Valentine's Edition

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— DAVID SPADE (Just Shoot Me) ”My first: Farrah, of course. My most recent: one of the Backstreet Boys.”

— JENNA LEWIS (Survivor) ”MacGyver. Not only is Richard Dean Anderson attractive, he could make a bomb out of a toothpick.”

— BRUCE VILANCH (Hollywood Squares) ”Sandra Dee, but that was before I discovered Tab Hunter.”

— JENNY McCARTHYChad Lowe. How dorky am I?”

— TOM HANKS ”Oh landy. Sophia Loren. Come on, who else is there?”

— HEAVY DPam Grier. She could kick my ass, but she was hot.”

— MING-NA (ER) ”Shaun Cassidy and The Fonz. Looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

— HEATHER GRAHAMDustin Hoffman in Tootsie. He was a really good actor.”

— PENELOPE CRUZ (All the Pretty Horses) ”Marilyn Monroe and Shirley MacLaine. I’m not a lesbian, but … you can feel attraction in so many ways.”

— KATHY GRIFFINPeter Frampton. I loved his skinny, badass bare chest on Frampton Comes Alive!”

— MICHAEL CAINEShirley Temple. At least I was the same age as her at the time — it wasn’t pedophilia.”

— COURTNEY LOVEJudd Nelson from The Breakfast Club.”

— KATE HUDSON (Almost Famous) ”Corey Haim or Fred Savage in The Wonder Years.

— JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ”Sam from Who’s the Boss? [Alyssa Milano]. She was hot and could play sports, too.”

— JEREMY PIVEN (The Family Man) ”Brooke Shields — it was her golden locks, full lips, olive skin, and firm buttocks.”

— BROOKE SHIELDSDavid Cassidy — the way he pronounced ‘Aaaa Think I Love You.”’

— ALAN RACHINS (Dharma & Greg) ”Jean Simmons. The actress from [1949’s] The Blue Lagoon, not the guy from Kiss.”

— CARMEN ELECTRAPaul Stanley from Kiss. Something about that [eye] star was very sexy.”

— PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN (State and Main) ”Debra Winger. I was 13 years old and … I cried for a week after Terms of Endearment. I’m not even kidding.”

— MATTHEW LILLARD (Scooby-Doo) ”Kathleen Turner, who later became my mom in a movie [1994’s Serial Mom] — so that is kind of gross.”

— DIANE LANE (The Perfect Storm) ”John Travolta. He ruled a 15-year span of puberty for me and a generation of women.”

— KELLY PRESTON ”I didn’t have any until John [Travolta]. And I got him. Pretty good, eh?”