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A Screen Gem: Rose Bleszcz

Meet the person behind our reader screenings and EW’s own ticketmaster

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We don’t need a demographic study to know that if you’re reading this magazine, you’re probably a frequent moviegoer with passionate opinions about film and an unceasing hunger for big-screen kicks. Or that you pore over our pages to get the behind-the-scenes dish, read our reviews — good, bad, or indifferent — and go see the films to form your own opinion. Just like us, you’ve got the best sort of symbiotic relationship with movies.

We do everything we can to keep you up-to-date with Hollywood happenings. And for the past eight years, we’ve been doing something more. You may have noticed advertisements for the EW Reader Screening Program and the EW Online Screening Program (at EW.com). And — if you’re savvy and lucky — you may have even benefited from them. These programs offer readers the chance to win tickets to previews of hot new films before they are released. Held approximately once a month in the top 10 markets, each event draws an audience of about 5,000.

These free screenings — there have been more than 100 to date — have proved so popular that we think it’s time to give kudos to the person who makes it all happen, our marketing services director Rose Bleszcz (pronounced ”blesh,” which sounds close to what she’s doing now). A Brooklyn native, our screenings diva attended New Utrecht High School — ”shown in the credits for Welcome Back, Kotter,” as she proudly points out. A four-year EW vet with a B.B.A. from Pace University, Rose has organized one of the industry’s more successful screening programs. ”Other magazines have attempted to do screenings, but nobody does them as well or as often as EW does,” says Fred Nelson, VP of marketing and promotion. ”Rose is smart, creative, organized, and passionate about movies, and she’s built incredible relationships with the studios. I can’t imagine anyone else running our program.”

Nor can we. So let’s echo the gratitude felt by all those who’ve caught a movie on EW’s dime, and give her our version of an Oscar — i.e., our thanks and this letter. And for those who are curious about Rose’s favorite flick, well, let’s let her speak for herself: ”Er, I think I’d be better off not playing favorites among the studios.”

Like the man said: smart woman.