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Girl Glower: sites that refuse to flatter Britney Spears

The Princess of Pop gets the unroyal treatment at a slew of websites

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What’s worse: Britney Spears’ lip-glossy music or her conspicuously bare midriff? For Britney haters on the Web — who often call the 19-year-old Soda Pop Queen a bad role model — it’s definitely the latter. And when Spears’ microphone was accidentally left on during a costume change at January’s Rock in Rio concert, her curse-filled exchange was broadcast not only to the concert’s thousands of attendees but also around the world as an MP3 (search Napster or try alienwebshop.com/~brad/popcentric/britney rio.mp3). The microphone mishap confirmed what anti-Britneys have been saying all along: that Spears isn’t worthy of so much adoration. And while some Brit bashers are vile beyond forgiveness, others are just out to prove she’s a phony. More often than not, however, the Web unmasks the former Mouseketeer as someone just as angst-ridden as the creators of these sites.

— BRITNEY’S BAD INFLUENCE (clix.to/britbadin) Besides offering some of the least-abusive before-and-after photos supporting the breast-augmentation theory, the creator of this site, 17-year-old Carla Spence, seems genuinely concerned about Spears’ negative influence on youngsters. The evidence gathered here (mostly by way of tabloids) doesn’t always support the claims that ”all she’s about is sexual exploitation,” but there are revealing pictures of Spears with an average-looking ex-boyfriend, and ”Cow Files” full of hearsay reports that she snubs her fans in public and disses the Backstreet Boys, too. B+

— OOPS, I FARTED AGAIN (zthing.com) A Spears sound-alike on vocals, animation that is hand-traced from the original music video, and laughing-gas lyrics (”I made you believe/That it was the dog/It was really my butt”) earn this ‘toon the Ponytail Parody Prize. No surprise the site is a side project of eyescream interactive, a successful advertising firm. A

— MR. T VS. BRITNEY SPEARS (angelfire.com/ca3/tfiles/britney.html) In this photo-realistic cartoon, Mr. T is defeated by Spears’ ”ballistic boobs” — until ’80s bopper Debbie Gibson comes to his rescue. B

— LUCKY BRITNEY (dkproject.com) This animated spoof features two CIA agents, on a quest to understand youth culture, who capture Britney and scan her brain — which appears to be filled with bubble gum. D