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EW tells you which ''Survivor'' sites deliver

Elisabeth and Kel already have online fan clubs

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Colleen Haskell
Colleen Haskell: Brian Smith/Corbis Outline

ElisabethFilarski.net This Kucha tribeswoman, a recent college grad, has the force of the masses behind her: The forums on this fansite are afire with such titles as ”She’s Really Hot,” and ”Why Liz Is the No. 1 Survivor Babe.” (At last glance there were nearly 1,830 postings.) B

Kel Gleason Unofficial Fan Site Though Kel was the second Outbacker to be ousted, he’s got a fansite that features an interview with a college chum (who’d like to clarify: ”Beef jerky was not something he would eat”), a bod baring photo, and plenty of letters protesting his exile and condemning ”that skank Jerri.” B+

SurvivorSucks.com It was the go to site for rumors, red herrings, haiku, and snippy synopses for the original ”Survivor,” and now Paul Sims’ site is ready for the Outback. It’s also the only ”Survivor” fansite to have its own fansite (see below). A

SurvivorSucksSucks.com Uh, actually SSS sucks. Circular logic flourishes here (this site really loves the show, not loves to hate it). It might make a stronger case against its e- nemesis if it offered more than a few news clippings and a near barren message board. C

Survivor Fever Pictures, updates, news clips, bios…even an entire section devoted to exec producer Mark Burnett’s upcoming show, ”Destination Mir.” They get all Smoking Gun on us by posting copies of the show’s call sheets in the eerily extensive spoiler section. A

Survivor: The Australian Outback CBS’ official portal has a plethora of such goodies as interactive games, a cheesy photo gallery that’s straight outta your senior yearbook, and a catty popularity contest, where you rate contestants on a 1 to 10 scale. Unsurprisingly, bland cutie Amber mauls ”Mad Dog” Maralyn in this competition. A

SurvivorFire.com Click on this tongue in cheek site for daily comics capturing the indelible moments that make ”Survivor” so buzzworthy. Then, match wits on the message boards, where intellects drop pearls of wisdom like ”Those eyes, those lips, wow!! Nick!!” A

Jerri Manthey The beef jerky averse tattletale shares a birthday with Raquel Welch, which is too bad for Raquel, huh? No matter, Jerri defenders — and there are more than a few — will enjoy L.A. resident Jerri Partee’s tribute page. The rest of us will just marvel at its horrid design. B?

Survivor Deadpool Caught up in the competitive spirit? Vote here for who will follow in the steps of Richard Hatch as Über Survivor. It costs nothing to play (translation: no cash prize). A?

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