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Behind the scenes with an XFL cheerleader

Skimpy outfits, dating players, and more from Bonnie-Jill of the L.A. Xtremes

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Feminism, schmeminism. Like any good ol’ girls, the XFL cheerleaders know how to stand by their men, outfitted in little more than super watt smiles and bodacious…personalities. EW.com gets down to the business of what it really takes to root a tough guy on with Bonnie-Jill, a member of the L.A. Xtremes, who take to the field on Saturday.

So, how’d you get the job, exactly?
I had been a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader so I knew the director [of auditions]. It was about dance ability and an interview. They really wanted to have you show who you are as a person.

Were they Barbara Walters like interviews?
The questions were nothing serious, like what are you trying to pursue, what are you doing now, and what do you want to accomplish on the team.

What DO you want to accomplish?
I’m trying to pursue modeling and acting and a degree in sports broadcasting, so it’s good exposure.

Speaking of exposure, how exactly do you guys keep everything tucked into those outfits?
We’re having dress rehearsals now to figure that out. The uniforms are like these gold chain outfits, and you look at them and say, ”Maybe if you’re dancing at a club,” but doing layouts? Some of us have, you know, a good size upper chest, and you’re worried about popping out.

What’s up with those, um, upper chest areas?
Some girls have silicone pads; some have boob jobs.

How much skin are you going to show? We’re going to be classy. There’s a difference between sexy and slutty, so we’re all getting the uniforms altered. We’re showing skin, but we don’t look like strippers.

What’s going on with this ”you can date the players” business?
I wouldn’t have any desire to date the players. I don’t know — I’m sure they’re nice guys, but now that we can date ’em, I don’t want to.

What’s the biggest misconception about cheerleaders?
Everyone perceives us as stupid and dumb, and with the L.A team, we’re trying to make sure that when we’re on camera we say intelligent things and show we’re worldly. We’re pretty girls, but we have brains.

What’s the best perk of your job?
That we’re part of the show. Usually, you’re sideline entertainment. But at the end of the season, fans will know each of our names. You’re going to hear us talk, you’re going to get to know us.

Um, I hope you have an unlisted phone number.
Oh, I’ve always done that. Once your name is out there, you have to be careful.