January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

The Mole

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With single-father Manuel and future doctor Afi ruled out by way of execution, America is asking, who is the Mole? (Okay, maybe it’s just us.) To keep the reality-television-obsessed masses out there happy until Survivor 2 debuts, here is EW’s take on the identity of the backstabbing rodent on ABC’s new sabotage-centric series. — Josh Wolk

STEVEN, 30, undercover cop So quiet and unmemorable he could go undercover as a pile of rocks, he was only slightly less expressive when locked in an iron mask. He’d make a fine Mole on Big Brother, but not here. ODDS: 20-1

CHARLIE, 63, detective If he was the inside man, why was he nosing around the crew’s vans? Plus, a good Mole should blend in — but Charlie showed few skills in that department, traipsing around Paris in a bright-green color-me-tourist polo shirt. ODDS: 15-1

JIM, 29, helicopter pilot Aborted plan to hold ATM money for ransom aside, he’s been helpful on challenges. But he handed out post-skydiving hugs a little too eagerly; was it overcompensation to hide his Moleness … or the result of watching too much Road Rules? ODDS: 8-1

KATHRYN, 28, lawyer Charlie warned that lawyers are used to playing both sides. With that in mind, was that a flash of flirtation we saw between her and host Anderson Cooper during the Cartier watch challenge? Hands off, Mata Hari! ODDS: 6-1

HENRY, 23, bartender His perpetual ”I might be the Mole” vibe seems forced. But considering how patient he is with Jennifer’s constant verbal abuse, if in fact Henry is the Mole, the producers aren’t paying him enough. ODDS: 5-1

KATE, 55, real estate investor She seems the perfect plant, since no one would suspect her kindly, wide-eyed ways. But what about that convenient ”out-of-breath” act she pulled while rushing through the watch challenge? We’ve got our eye on you, Grandma. ODDS: 3-1

WENDI, 29, display artist Were her malfunctioning maze headphones and the $10,000 penalty for asking Charlie about his love life part of a cunning plan? More importantly, when she bawled about Manuel’s ”pure heart,” why didn’t someone smack her? ODDS: 2-1

JENNIFER, 35, communications manager She’s defensive, a poor loser, blames her slipups on others, and is just plain mean. If she’s not the Mole, her teammates should be pissed, since that means they got a pain-in-the-butt traveling companion for nothing. ODDS: 3-2

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