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Looney Tunes

An inside look at this year’s AMAs

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Ricky Martin put the American in the American Music Awards when he told EW that for one night only he was ”livin’ la vida crazy.” And whatta crazy, freaky night it was at the Jan. 8 event in L.A. as Daryl Hannah (costumed as the bride of Marilyn Manson) sat in with reporters quizzing Nelly, and Favorite New Country Artist nominee Alecia Elliott cooed, ”I want to meet Eminem. He’s a very handsome man and I like to listen to his music.” (Unfortunately, the rapweiler was a no-show.) Most bizarre of all: appearances by former Lolita popsters Debbie … er … Deborah Gibson and Tiffany. ”We’re friends now,” revealed Tiff. ”She’s taking a totally different path than I am, so there’s no rivalry.” Hear that, Britney and Christina?