EW Staff
January 12, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

BAIT (Warner, R) Get hooked on Jamie Foxx as he wriggles between the feds and the bad guys as the reluctant crux of a sting operation.

DISNEY’S THE KID (Walt Disney, PG) Bruce Willis gets in touch with his younger self, who turns out to be pudgy and awkward — as we always suspected.

ELVIS: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS (Warner, PG) Sorry, you don’t get to vote: It’s the fat Elvis, taking the stage circa 1970 in all his sequined splendor.

GODZILLA 2000 (Columbia TriStar, PG) There’s no Matthew Broderick in sight: The rubber-suited big G returns to his miniature-set stomping grounds.

STEAL THIS MOVIE! (Trimark, R) At long last, a movie about the life of counter-culture gadfly Abbie Hoffman. Yippie!

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