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The Guest List

Look Who’s on The Couch This Week (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

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CRAIG KILBORN Monday Ben Affleck, Julie Warner (Family Law) (R) Tueday Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday Don Cheadle, musical guest John Hiatt Thursday Dick Clark, musical guests Lifehouse Friday Kevin James

ROSIE O’DONNELL Monday Sean Connery, Ashton Kutcher, musical guest Linda Eder (R) Tuesday Backstreet Boys (R) Wednesday Ryan Phillippe, Delta Burke Thursday Vicki Lewis, Elmo Friday Rachael Leigh Cook

CONAN O’BRIEN Tuesday William H. Macy, Rich Hall Wednesday Benicio Del Toro Thursday Jud Hale Friday Meredith Vieira

DAVID LETTERMAN Monday Bette Midler (R) Tuesday Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Elliott (R) Wednesday Matthew Broderick (R) Thursday Jon Stewart, musical guest Everlast (R) Friday Bruce Willis, Charles Barkley (R)

POLITICALLY INCORRECT Monday Dennis Miller, Simon LeBon, Deroy Murdock, Jane Alexander (R) Tuesday Super Dave Osborne, Florence Henderson, Illeana Douglas Wednesday Film critic Michael Medved Thursday Dick Clark, Pink, Nelly Friday Traci Lords, Richard Lewis

THE VIEW Tuesday Charles Grodin Wednesday Steven Weber Friday Julie Andrews, Anna Nicole Smith