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January 05, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

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— RAY ROMANO ”To stop cracking my toes — the sound p — -es off my wife.”

— KATHY GRIFFIN ”To try to date more guys in ‘N Sync. I’ve already been through two, and I’m working on the band.”

— TERI GARR ”To count votes more carefully.”

— TIM ALLEN ”I’m only going to eat mint-chip ice cream that’s white, none of that green stuff. Ice cream shouldn’t be green — even on Saint Patty’s Day.”

— CARROT TOP ”I should stop imitating Chelsea Clinton. I guess I’m going to have to stop all my Clinton jokes.”

— LAURA LINNEY (You Can Count on Me) ”To sweat every day.”

— BRENDAN FRASER (Bedazzled) ”To eat more ice cream.”

— RACHAEL LEIGH COOK (Josie and the Pussycats) ”To start flossing. I’ve been told my plaque situation could be improved.”

— PINK ”To not conform at all.”

-PORTIA DE ROSSI (Ally McBeal) ”Last year I quit smoking, so this year I’ve got to cut down on shopping sprees.”

— PATRICK FUGIT (Almost Famous) ”I’m quitting carbonation.”

— DYLAN McDERMOTT (The Practice) ”More pork and dairy.”

— ERIC McCORMACK (Will & Grace) ”I’m going to eat every other day.”

— TOM ARNOLD ”Last year I added more personal lubricant to my life, and this year I’m hoping to get married. I haven’t asked my girlfriend yet because I know she’ll say no.”

— SISQO ”To do the best I can to make everyone understand I’m not a gimmick — I’m a musician.”

— CARNIE WILSON ”To have as much sex as possible. And to keep the weight off.”

— CHRISTINA APPLEGATE ”Not so many Chupa Chups lollipops.”

-MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN (Planet of the Apes) ”To clean my house. I’m a slob — and my bedroom is the worst.”

— JESSICA SIMPSON ”To stay healthy. I haven’t eaten any sugar in, like, a month. I crave Sour Patch Kids so bad!”

— CHAD LOWE ”To read more novels and less scripts.”

— TONI BRAXTON ”I’m trying not to eat red meat. Wish me luck because I am a hamburger girl!”

— HELEN HUNT ”To never make New Year’s resolutions.”

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