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GREEN GIANT Dead-moose humpers, rejoice! Rare tapes of Tom Green’s cable-access days dating from 1994, including segments that were too hot for MTV (like the one where he sets his own feet on fire), are appearing at TomGreen.com. The booger-colored homepage is accepting submissions from fans and will also debut the antics of ”people Tom meets and finds funny,” says webmaster Glenn Humplik. Those who impress Green could land TV or film deals, or just end up looking like complete fools for a worldwide audience. The site, which greets up to 10,000 visitors daily, was a grassroots effort run out of Humplik’s house until last month, when MediaTrip.com took an equity stake in the project.

DOODIE CALLS The boys of blink-182 have gone ska-tological. Their website (www.blink182.com) is showing a mini-video for the song ”Aliens Exist” that is poop-fully animated by Tom Winkler, the creator of Doodie.com, who also teamed with Adam Sandler for a sketch about a Peeping Tom. After that, turn your speakers up and head over to Farts.com — it’s a gas.

WHEN YOU WANNA GET DOWN Ted Demme’s upcoming movie about cocaine, Blow, is a serious indictment of the drug trade — but the website’s parental-discretion-warning parody (getsomeblow.com) is hilarious. Starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, Blow is based on the life of American coke trafficker George Jung. Demme interviewed Jung extensively, and those videos, along with a primer on drug kingpins, narco routes, and smuggling techniques from the past four decades, will appear on the site later this month.

GO ASK ALICE A PC game created as the third installment to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland stories, American McGee’s Alice (alice.ea.com) is a shoot-’em-up dressed in a girl’s blue-and-white frock — instead of guns, Alice kills with cards, jacks, and a knife. The Mad Hatter’s party gets a nice postpunk face-lift, and Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails fame provides a throbbing soundtrack. But the story line — written by 28-year-old American McGee — is hardly classic literature, and the opening scene of Alice in a mental ward definitely isn’t for kids. This inner-space quest to vanquish the evil queen has nevertheless been optioned for the big screen by Dimension Films, and Wes Craven has been pegged to direct a script by John August (Charlie’s Angels).

HANG THE DJ Uplister (uplister.com), a playlist-swapping program that would be killer if only it let users trade sound files, has just added High Fidelity author Nick Hornby to its lineup of celebrity song pickers (which includes Morcheeba, Mike Dirnt of Green Day, and Lemmy from Motorhead). The novel was brilliant, as was the film soundtrack — even Barry (Jack Black) would have liked it. But you’ve got to wonder about Hornby’s decision to put a cut from Philip Glass’ Mishima soundtrack next to the Clash’s ”Brand New Cadillac.”

ROBOCOPS Despite the Kremlin-like security on the set of Steven Spielberg’s A.I., a prop from the robot-boy movie was smuggled onto eBay just weeks after the film wrapped. The metallic-colored, microchip-laden foam latex arm was pulled from the auction site at the request of Warner Bros. — which claims it has not determined its authenticity — just two days after it was put up for sale Dec. 6.


NOTE THIS DATE JAN. 18 Catch the start of the 2001 Sundance Online Film Festival at http://www.sundance.org.